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How   to  Play

•    The game starts with the cards being dealt randomly to all the players 
•    The person to the right of the dealer is made to bid a compulsory bid. The compulsory bid starts from half of the deck points depending on the number of decks involved .
For eg:-
Each deck has 150 points , so if there are 3 decks the total points would be (3*150)=450 points and the minimum bid involved in the game would be (450/2) = 225 points.
•    Each player bids if they have good cards after which highest bidder gets to start the game.
•    The Highest Bidder would choose the cutter/hukum for the round. The cutter/hukum is basically the highest suit colour out of the 4 decks . 
•    He then appoints the number of partners to support him to reach his bid points. 
For example:
The Bidder wins the big at 380 points and there are 8 people playing the game so there are 4 partners vs 4 non partners. The bidder has 3 more partners that will help him reach the bid of 380 points. He says that the cutter/hukum is spades/kali and the partners he chooses will be his wish. Let’s say he says that the 3 partners are , 2 Ace of Spades and 1 ace of heart . The people having these three cards are in his/her team . 

•    The person playing the card first will be his partner and not the person playing the card second.
For example:
Since there are 3 decks , there are 3 ace of hearts , so the person who plays the ace of heart first will be his partner and the remaining players would then be in the non-partners team provided he doesn’t have the ace of spades which is the partner card .
•    Here the partners have to give points like 5,10,Ace to their own partners and the non-partners also have to give points to the non-partners to not let the bidder reach his bid.
•    To Break the bid the Non-partners have to make 5points more than the remaining total .
For example:
If the bid is 380 points , the non partners have to make (450-380)=70 points plus an additional of 5 points m making it 75 points or more thereby not letting the partners make their desired bid of 380 points .
•    If the partners have made their Bid or more than the bid then they get positive points and if not they get negative points.


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